viernes, mayo 08, 2009

Ayer, alrededor de las 5 de la tarde en horario argentino. Nick entró a la pagina del Fans Club Oficial, agregó varios comentarios de las fanaticas que estabamos en ese momento mandandole mensajes, y al minuto se conectó al Chat. Nos hizo reir mucho hablando sus tonteses, ese si que es nick haha

Comparto con todos ustedes lo que fue este chat, el BSFANLIVES estuvo ahiii!!!!!! KTBSPA!!!

(Confesiones de una fan que estaba presente en el chat )

hellofernanda_gs: hiArmy
Lady74: its all quiet in here..lolNick Carter has joined.
Nick Carter: are you aliens?
nuria_bsb: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
nuria_bsb: NickkkkkkkkkkArmy
Lady74: hey nick
ArmyLady74: whats up chicken butt
nuria_bsb: hahahaha aliens POWER!!!!!!
nuria_bsb: xDArmyLady74: Who know who this is?
Nick Carter: i know you are watching me!
nuria_bsb: hahafernanda_gs: hiii
Nick Carter: you cant get past my foil helmet
ArmyLady74: do you remember the unbreakable winner?
nuria_bsb: Nick thanx u !! u are very good xDfernanda_gs: oh my god, what are you talking about? you are definitely crazy
ArmyLady74: Lol...i guess Nick watches Ufo Hunters on history
Channelnuria_bsb: OMG!!! fernanda_gs: (thata message was for nick of course) lol
Nick Carter: who here likes bananas?
nuria_bsb: I can not believe it nick thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Natas: Hi Nick how are you?
ArmyLady74: Bananas make me gag
nuria_bsb: i like bananas too !! love bananas haha
fernanda_gs: i do like bananas....
fernanda_gs: mmmm
fernanda_gs: lol
nuria_bsb: tasty xD
Natas: How is it to be an ungle again?
Nick Carter: because our new album is going to be bananas
Nick Carter: b
Natas: congrats
Nick Carter: a
in_heaven has joined.
Nick Carter: n
VICKYCARTER: Bananas Than More Than 7 Enchies
Nick Carter: a
Nick Carter: n
Nick Carter: a
Nick Carter: s
Fabiane has joined.
ArmyLady74: lol...
fernanda_gs: victoria!!! you are pervert!
nuria_bsb: Nick still has the Peruvian CHULLO?????
nuria_bsb: xD
VICKYCARTER: Yess Fabiane: omg! lol...hi nick!
VICKYCARTER: It Was Anick's Idea
Nick Carter: it is nice being able to ready what is happening in here
Nick Carter: hah
fernanda_gs: talking abour gifts....
Nick Carter: last time was bananas
nuria_bsb: haha
Natas: its quit in here
ArmyLady74: nick is stuck on bananas...hmmmChaN has joined.
fernanda_gs: I was wondering... what did you guys do with all the presents we give you??
Natas: Whats up with the bananas?
Nick Carter: i hid them all from the aliens
hahahaChaN: hello everyoneTaymonte has joined.
nuria_bsb: u are very crazy nick xD u knowNatas: You are saving is from bananas?
nuria_bsb: xDArmy
Lady74: he hid them underneath the tin foil
Nick Carter: we cant have them unlocking the secrets of our universe
fernanda_gs: i remember giving you a book about argentina, do you still have it??Taymonte has left.
nuria_bsb: really??
VICKYCARTER: Wtf?????????
ArmyLady74: he didn't want the space monkies to get to the bananas
VICKYCARTER: LolNick Carter: i'm hungry
Nick Carter: what should i have for lunch
VICKYCARTER: Me Toofernanda_gs: eat me lol
ArmyLady74: go have a banana
ArmyLady74: lol
VICKYCARTER: Taste This Arg Meat
nuria_bsb: where is ur girlfriend nick???
nuria_bsb: xD
ArmyLady74: Mexican?
fernanda_gs: i had carrot's suffleChaN: Kfc
ArmyLady74: Banana pie
Fabiane: Hey nick want a brazilian barbecue?? maybe Chicken's heart Lol
fernanda_gs: (i invented that dish)
angel_baby1234 has joined.
Natas: Bake a egg
VICKYCARTER: Argentinian Meat
angel_baby1234: haha nicks here lol
VICKYCARTER: Sorry I'm Nervious
ArmyLady74: what is your taste buds saying nick...savory?
ChaN: hmm eggs sounds nice.. thats a good idea nick
nuria_bsb: Nick we miss u fron Peru !!!!!!!!!!!!!
fernanda_gs: argentinian meat= vicky and fer
fernanda_gs: right?
Nick Carter: im going to go grab some food
ArmyLady74: spicy?
fernanda_gs: lol
jj_81 has joined.
Natas: I love eggsangel_baby1234: im shocked theres not 200 girls in hereNick Carter: everyone go tell howie congratsin_heaven: haha scotty ich wußte es Viviane has joined.ArmyLady74: G..i know..and a civil convo..the first in fc historyNick Carter: love you!angel_baby1234: wow you guys can actually keep something quietnuria_bsb: yeahh!!!VICKYCARTER: Me Toooonuria_bsb: me too Nickkangel_baby1234: already did manNatas: How is Howie and leigh doing? Fabiane: love you too!Nick Carter has left.Nick Carter has left.angel_baby1234: lolfernanda_gs: omfg!Fabiane: Omg! Im Shaking!ArmyLady74: lol..dorkangel_baby1234: its just nick lolfernanda_gs: yeah...Natas: Nick... come back!! ChaN: whaha it was nice talking nuria_bsb: ArmyLady74: now..don't go telling everyone he was in here cause it will be a hot mess....lolNick Carter has joined.verito_star has joined.fernanda_gs: thanks god there werent many people in here lol otherwise we would have gone crazynuria_bsb: yeahhhhhhhhhhhLady_Nadine has joined.angel_baby1234: lolNick Carter: Bananas!nuria_bsb: nickkNatas: Welcome Back Nicknuria_bsb: thanxxnuria_bsb: xDNick Carter has left.Nick Carter has left

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  1. wow k suerte chicas
    ya kisiera yo estar alli
    y porque tanto Bananas????? xDDDDDDD

  2. Jajaja, Estaba comiendo bananas en ese momento ( creo xD... ) ntoncs, tu sabes como es nick!! Se dramatiza x todo! Jajaja


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